The Rank Brain is an artificial intelligence system that has been working for Google for some time and which is starting to make use of its search results. This system is a before and after regarding the algorithms used by Google when providing greater or less visibility to a domain. But what does RankBrain consist of?

The Rank Brain is a machine learning system that is being used to help interpret and process the search results. This system has a very important factor that is the learning, and therefore, this is a big change in the way of classifying the results.

In 2013, Google carried out the update of Hummingbird, which meant a great change in its parameters, giving greater importance to the context of the search and the user’s intention. From here, we wanted to make a qualitative leap through RankBrain and the great commitment to the machine learning system.

This learning system is not something new in Google, because when the Panda update was launched in 2011, it was already used. Through Panda, we tried to detect, through interactions, whether the websites were quality or not. Through the interactions, the learning process was assigned to the machine, optimizing the algorithm and perfecting it.

According to Greg Corrado, one of the participating scientists in the development of this new system, Rank Brian not only has automatic learning but also learning will be much deeper. The system can relate concepts that are ambiguous.

If people use ambiguous or colloquial terms in their search, RankBrain can give the answers that users are looking for. The system is learning with the answers and therefore more and more refines with the search results. If there are still more difficult queries, the system is progressing and will be able to give complex answers again. RankBrain will come to understand phrases and not each one of the words that compose it.

The RankBrain technology is already being used in at least 15% of the queries that are made in Google, so SEO professionals have to be very up-to-date to prevent this new system from affecting organic positioning as little as possible.

How will RankBrain Affect SEO?

Greg Corrado already mentioned that in the few months when the RankBrain system was being used, it has become the third most important tool when determining the results of the search engine. Therefore, we can foresee that as RankBrain evolves, it will have a huge weight on the results.

All SEO strategies have started with the study of keywords, defining which keyword is the one we want to promote and position. The keyword research is the basis of any strategy, and it is these keywords that will mark our next steps in SEO planning. Also, thanks to tools such as Google Trends, we can check trends in the search for words, and see how they evolve.

With the implementation of this system and with the algorithm constantly learning it is logical that the trends of the keywords change very quickly, which will make some SEO workers go crazy. Therefore, the strategies should not be so rigid regarding the positioning of a specific keyword, but rather that we should be more flexible and open to possible changes.