In the SEO positioning, the backlinks or links are of paramount importance, being indispensable to carry out the strategy of any project and being key to bring relevance to your web page. It is those links that point from other websites to yours, with the aim of providing authority and importance to Google. Let’s go a little deeper into them.

When talking about SEO Off Page, we talk about backlinks, since this is the most important part of SEO Off Page. It is important to generate inbound links to your Site since the more incoming links, the more notoriety your website will have.

You should also choose the backlinks that have the highest quality, that is, those that come from web pages with more authority. The quality of a link is much more important than the number of incoming links.

What Are Backlinks Incoming Links?

Do not confuse the backlinks with the internal or external link, because although they act similarly, the objectives of one and the other are very different. Internal links are used to link various URLs within a single web page, while external links are those that point from our website to any other domain, providing additional information to users through links to sites of interest.

The backlinks instead are incoming links that come to our website with the aim of providing authority in the eyes of Google. They are very well evaluated and are shown as the most useful links to improve the positioning of your website since they are considered as links that are more difficult to manipulate. They are possibly the most important part of the SEO Off Page.

The more incoming links you receive, the more authority your website will have, however, do not forget that Google considers that the quantity is in quality, so it is important that they are quality backlinks that come from different authoritative pages and that have the most significant possible relevance. The pages that work best are the pages of newspapers, universities, official websites, etc. In short, pages with a PageRank as high as possible.

Do not fall into the error of linking with many links to your website from the same domain. It will not help to point from the same domain with six links to your site, while if instead you link six times to the same URL within your website through different domains, it will be beneficial for Google and help you climb positions in the SERP.

To define whether a backlink is quality or not, you must take into account aspects such as the trust and relevance of the domain, the theme, the anchor text that you have used to link, the relationship between the domain of origin and destination, etc. We recommend that you completely forget websites that may be dangerous such as pornography, gambling, online casinos, etc.

And Within The Backlinks You Have To Differentiate Between Dofollow Backlinks And Nofollow Backlinks:

Dofollow: these are links that transfer PageRank through the page that links to us and that are shown as quality links that help us with positioning. They are highly recommended, but always in its proper measure and remembering that it is worth more quality to quantity.
Nofollow: the Nofollow, unlike the Dofollow, do not transmit PageRank. They are links that serve to relate different URLs but indicate to Google that they do not follow that link through the “nofollow” tag. They help to improve the user experience and to try to provide traffic to your website.

How To Get Quality Starter Links?

There are different ways to get incoming links or quality backlinks to your website, but there are three that stand out above the rest: take advantage of broken links, create a guest article and offer our help to that quality page.

Broken links: as we already know broken links are harmful to a website, so we recommend you look for broken links in quality sites and a theme related to yours, to offer you the opportunity to change it and point to your website. I’m sure he’ll thank you, and he will not give you any problems.
Guest article: creating a guest article is possibly the most used technique to get backlinks. It consists of contacting the owner of a website with a high PageRank and offering the opportunity to write a post on your guest blog, which can provide useful and quality information to users. In return, you could receive between one and two links to your web project.
Offer your help: if the two previous techniques have not worked or you just want to receive a greater number of incoming links, you can offer your help to websites with high authority in which you have detected errors that you can solve. You will only have to contact the owner of the said website and comment on the errors that you have seen and that you can solve. In most cases, you will be happy to insert a link to your website.