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In addition to the main benefit of increasing your traffic and, with it, the number of customers, there are several other advantages to start doing Content Marketing. We decided to address 5 of these advantages so you can understand how important it is to use this strategy in your business.

  1. Recognition as the reference in a matter

If you start writing quality content on the topics related to your niche and start publishing them, as readers see the material you have been creating, it is natural that they go on to recognize the author as a reference in that topic.
Authority and credibility take time to be built and are crucial factors when a buyer decides whether he will make the purchase of your product, or if he looks for what he needs elsewhere. At this point, content marketing becomes even more advantageous as a promotion strategy.

  1. Nutrition of leads

Have you ever heard about lead nutrition?
This is a way to maintain a relationship with you and your potential customers until they feel ready to purchase on your site. Nourish leads is to send relevant content to the stage of the shopping funnel that the person is so that she can perceive that your product/service is the best to solve their problems.
This strategy is straightforward with emails, but you can also nourish leads with Content Marketing. Every time you write a post on your blog, people come to know more about you and your business.
The relationship is virtuous: on the one hand, you deliver content of value, on the other, they find value in what you are offering.
But be careful: do not transform the Content Marketing into a constant offer of your products or services. It offers valuable information that can provide new information to the readers of your texts.

  1. Interaction with your audience

Content Marketing is a fantastic way to maintain communication between your brand and your potential customers, especially if you have a blog with constant publications. Because your blog is a channel that users can use to send comments of what they like or not, suggestions on what they want to know more, share your post with other people (which helps increase your blog traffic and, subsequently, on your site), among other types of interaction.

The main thing is that you are always attentive to the comments made in your posts to be able to answer them always. This shows how you strive to maintain a good relationship with whoever searches for your content.

  1. Reduction of the CAC

CAC (cost of customer acquisition) is the metric that lets you know how much your company spends with each new customer generated by your marketing strategy.

If your CAC (cost of customer acquisition) is high, it means that you are spending a lot to increase traffic. So, it is a big advantage to invest in Content Marketing, as this will help bring new potential customers to your page organically.

The critical thing about this strategy is that you can apply SEO techniques well to classify your posts and that users can quickly reach them.

  1. Education of your audience

The more you invest in Content Marketing, the more you can deliver content that shows people what solutions your product or service brings. That improves the user experience with your business and also educates your audience, who will better understand the problems they face and will know where to find the solutions.

The more people understand the topics you address in your posts, the more engaged they are to want to learn what you teach.