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Do you know what Content Marketing is and how to generate traffic to that strategy? Read this post and find out!
Any business on the Internet needs traffic, be it a company that sells its services online, a blog that generates money with the Affiliate program or a common e-commerce site, for example.
There are several strategies to generate traffic to promote your products or services. These strategies can be focused on two types of traffic:

  • Paid Traffic
  • Free / Organic Traffic

Both have their application and bring results, but each one has unique characteristics.

With paid traffic it is possible to get visits in the short term, almost immediately, using PPC programs (pay per click) or buying banners in sites with a large number of visits.

However, unless you have a machine to make money, you should exactly measure the return on investment in the purchased advertising and, even optimizing this ROI to the maximum, you will still have limitations on how much you can invest in paid traffic.

On the other side is the free traffic.

Every Internet entrepreneur dreams of this kind of traffic because it is about the exposure of their products and services without any advertising cost. In other words, be able to generate sales with much less cost.

But then, how to get organic traffic?

There are several ways to get that type of traffic, but all point to a central pillar, which is essential to obtain good results with traffic.

This pillar is called “quality content.”

If you do not produce quality content, you will not be able to generate free traffic or, if you get it, you will have mediocre results and bad traffic (yes, there is bad traffic!).

How to do Content Marketing?

As you can perceive, Content Marketing is a fundamental strategy for those who want to generate more traffic organically.

If you are a digital entrepreneur and still do not use this strategy, you must start right now.

Thinking of helping you to take the initial steps or even continue and improve your organic strategies, we have brought some tips for you.

There are several ways to create Content Marketing, such as email marketing, rich materials, newsletter, but we decided to focus on three very common formats and in the end, we will show the tips that apply to all of them.